Saturday, 8 February 2014

Soap and Glory's Glow All Out Luminizing Powder

I have been meaning to do this post since late December when I picked up Soap and Glory's Powder Trip for £10 reduced from £20. This set includes the Solar Powder Bronzer, the Love at First Blush Blusher and the Glow All Out Luminizing Powder all which sell individually for £11 so to get all 3 for £10 was enough to send me into a cardiac arrest. I'm just going to be talking about Glow All Out in this post as I feel I haven't used Solar Powder and Love at First Blush enough yet to write an individual review on them.

I have wanted Glow All Out for such a long time but always stopped myself buying it as I told myself I had way too many highlighters and, at  £11, it's on the pricier side for a drugstore brand but I am so glad I now own it as it is honestly amazing.

It's said to give a moonlit look and can pretty much be applied anywhere on your face to give a really fresh and pretty glow to your skin; I like to use it on my cheekbones, browbone and cupids bow and then really lightly dust it over my forehead and chin. It's a silvery, pink, iridescent shade that I feel when you swatch it on your hand you don't get the true representation as to what it looks like when you actually put it on your face as it is a lot prettier when worn.

I'd say I have a noticeable highlight to my skin for the most part of the day after applying this but when I get home from a day out I can tell the intensity has worn off, but, is still visible. I've seen a lot of reviews saying this gives a subtle glow to the skin but I like to have a more noticeable highlight and so apply it probably a bit more heavily than most people and would say it isn't that subtle but definitely can be if you want it to.

For me, this powder really finishes off my makeup after I've contoured and applied blusher and feel like it helps to pull my face together (wow, the visual imagery right now) and adds life back into my skin that you can lose when powdering to set your makeup.

I really thought this through taking a picture when my skin was being all weird and bumpy

If you are on the fence about buying this product I would definitely say to go and buy it as I guarantee you won't be disappointed by it and, like me, you will be wondering why it took you so dang long to get it in your life. I told my mum that if I could marry a highlighter/luminizer it would be this one, not really sure why I'd opt to do that though to be honest.

Do you own this product? Do you love it as much as I do?


  1. Look subtle but nice, may have to give this a whirl! :) xx

  2. Look subtle but nice, may have to give this a whirl! :) xx

  3. this looks so gorgeous I love soap&glory !!

    1. It's so lovely! They are such a good, all-round brand aren't they! x

  4. These look great. Wish they had these in Australia!
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    1. Aw that's such a shame it isn't available where you live! Thank you so much I just did the post! x