Sunday 8 September 2013

Clothing and Accessories Purchases: Primark, TK Maxx and a Charity Shop

These are a few things that have fallen into my possession and walked to the tills with me over the past few weeks. Let us begin.

Jumper- Primark, £14

I bought this jumper a couple of sizes too big so it would be quite baggy but it turns out it's not as baggy as I hoped it would be. I have still worn it several times since buying it but it's worth considering that it's not the typical over sized jumper because it's quite fitted at the bottom. The sleeves have the same checked pattern as on the front and I really love it for wearing with leggings for pottering around the house.

T-shirt- Primark, £5

I love the pattern on this t-shirt and think it's so cool but unfortunately I'm returning it because, even though it's supposed to be baggy and over sized, it just looks utterly huge on me and I basically look like a sack. If Primark do this pattern on a different style of t-shirt I will definitely buy it! On a positive note, I will be £5 richer in a few days.

Crop top- Primark, £8

This is in the style of a cropped t-shirt but is said to be a viscose material (your guess is better than mine at what that means) and feels like a blouse and is loose fitting. I do think this is quite overpriced at £8 but it's easy to wear so I decided to keep it so meh, can't complain.

Crop tartan long sleeve top- Primark, £4.50

I love everything about this top from the style to the pattern. It's quite tight fitting and is cropped with a sort of turtle neck which looks really nice with a necklace.This top just makes me excited beyond all recognition and I feel like I should be in a wooden cabin with a fire burning when I wear it. Okay enough of my fantasies.

Velvet skater skirt- Primark, £8

I really love this skirt and it's a bit more of a burgundy wine colour than the picture shows. It's a skater skirt so is really flattering and I bought this in an attempt to wear skirts on a more everyday basis as I always think people look so nice in skirts but never wear them in the daytime! I always feel like I've made too much of an effort and find leggings comfier but I need to break out of my leggings love affair.

Mary Jane shoes- Primark, £12

I was so excited when I found these Mary Jane style shoes as I'd seen them online in white and have loved them for a while, however, now I own them I'm really unsure on whether to keep them or not as I'm finding them difficult to wear! Obviously they are supposed to look old fashioned and school-girlish but I can't tell if I like myself in them or whether to wait and see if I can get the white pair as they will look less schooly. If you have any ideas on what I could wear these with please tell me because I don't want to return them.

GAP short sleeved denim shirt- Charity shop, £3

I've been looking for a shirt like this for ages and finally found one in a charity shop not too far from where I live. This was originally priced at £3.50 but the old lady reduced it to £3 (my saviour) and, although I haven't worn it yet, I think it'll look good with my khaki winter coat and just looks quite Autumnal in general.

Bag- TK Maxx, £14.99

I went shopping with my friends and, one of them, Gemma, was looking for a bag to use for uni. I was sort of looking for a bag for college but not really and then we came across this beauty. It was origianlly £39 but TK Maxx's price was £14.99 which is a real bargain and is by the brand Lalu (no I've never heard of them either). At first I was worried cause the bag does look like it belongs to an old lady but I then turned my life around and decided I love it and don't mind rocking the OAP look. I love how some of the squares of fabric are dogtooth and some are tartan checks and, again, it looks so darn Wintery.

That's everything worth mentioning that I've bought recently in the clothes/accessories department but please leave me a comment on ways to wear the Mary Jane shoes or if you think I should wait and buy the white ones instead!


  1. i love those primark shoes!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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    1. Thanks! I've decided to keep them hahah! x

  2. Thankyou so much for following my blog, I have followed yours back on Bloglovin! Love this post and your blog in general :) x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

    1. That's okay I really like your blog! I love the Motel Rocks clothes you posted about! And thank you that's so nice! x