About Me

I have no idea how to start off introduction type posts and always feel like my words come across as really forced and odd sounding, but I must power through! My name is Dani and I'm from England, I'm 19 and am currently at college studying Makeup Artistry.

I started this blog in July 2013 after always coming across blogs when googling for makeup reviews and thought I should make one too as I am forever buying new makeup and love talking about it. Honestly my makeup collection is crazily huge but have recently managed to curb my spending habits and am (halfheartedly) trying to save my money for a car and other grownup things like that.

If I say anything else I will probably just bore everyone to death so I'll leave it at that. I should probably mention that all opinions are my own and also thank you for looking at/following my blog!

As of April 2014 any products marked with a * have been sent for consideration of review.