Wednesday 4 September 2013

Review: MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter

I've been meaning to post about this highlighter ever since I started my blog a grand two months ago but never got round to it because, on the three different occasions that I took pictures, the colour of the highlighter looked really odd. The colour still doesn't look how it does in real life but let us all please put that thought into a little box for a few moments.

This highlighter retails for £3.00 from Superdrug, here, but always seems to be out of stock! I'm not even kidding I tried for months on end to buy this product but each time I went into my local Superdrug they never had it. Well to be fair most of the MUA stand is never fully stocked (the rage). I eventually gave up and ordered it from the MUA website a few months ago while I was ordering some other bits in their half price sale and was so excited to finally own it.

MUA claim that this product is a 'lightweight baked powder' giving a sheer amount of coverage to create a healthy and natural looking glow to the skin. 

Firstly, I love how the highlighter is shimmery WITHOUT being glittery as glitter on my skin is one of my biggest hates as it makes me look so childish and, urgh, shudder. I suppose there are bits of glitter within it but they are really tiny and aren't chunky making it appear much more natural and less obvious on the skin. It's so reflective and seriously does add just the right amount of sheen and can also be blended out to be even more subtle. I use my Cosmopolitan Blush Brush  to apply it because the angled shape makes it easier to apply the highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones once having applied blusher.

I would say the highlighter is pink toned with is really flattering on pale skin but, although MUA says it's suitable for all skin tones, I can't imagine this looking very natural on darker, olive skin tones, but I could be wrong. I prefer using this highlighter when I've got a pink toned blush on rather than a coral as I feel like they correspond to each other more. But this is the girl who nearly had a breakdown while doing GCSE Art so please don't take note of my 'colour theory'.

I love the engraved, seashell like pattern on the highlighter but, sadly, I've noticed this has started to disappear each time I use it but this can only be expected.

I much prefer this highlighter to the one that comes in the Sleek Contour Kit (possible unpopular opinion) as I don't think that one gives me a glow and also find it to be quite powdery but, with the MUA highlighter, I don't find it at all powdery and it is much more pearlescent.

I really like this highlighter and it serves me well considering I haven't quite reached the Royalty of the highlighter world: a Mac Mineralize Skinfinish.

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