Tuesday 1 October 2013

Autumn Eyes: 17 Neptune Starry Eyes

Seriously how is it even October already? I didn't even realise that the day after September 30th was October 1st. Moving swiftly on from my lack of sense I thought I'd talk about this little eyeshadow trio that I bought very early on in the year.

This is the 17 Starry Eyes Neptune Trio Eyeshadow, available at Boots for £4.99, and contains a gold, a slightly shimmery bottle green and an aubergine purple. To me this trio completely reminds me of Autumn and think it's so perfect for creating a variety of different looks. My eyes are a hazelly, browny green shade and find that a lot of shades are just quite bleurgh when I wear them but with these shades I find that each colour compliments my eyes and helps bring out different colours.

On days where I actually have time to do anything semi-interesting to my eyes I put Maybelline's On and On Bronze on my top lid and then use the green shade on the outer part of my eye underneath my bottom lashes and then the gold underneath on the inner section. Does this make any sense?! Another look is using the gold all over the lid and then using either the purple or green on the outer corner to create a smokey eye with a twist (not much of a twist to be honest). Due to the slight shimmer in the green this also looks nice mixed with a brown shade to use on the outer corner and looks really festive.

The pigmentation of these shades are really impressive and to me don't feel like they come from a budget brand like 17. I actually prefer the gold shade in this to Half Baked from my Naked 2 Palette as I feel the colour is a lot more brighter and suits my yellowy skin tone more. In terms of lasting power I can't comment on how long it lasts without a primer as I never wear eyeshadow without my Urban Decay Primer Potion but if you don't have a problem with insane amounts of creasing like I do I would guess that it lasts an average length of time. Gosh I am so vague.

Each shade is so wearable either alone or together and the purple isn't the kind of shade that makes you look dead. I'm really pleased I dug this out of my drawer and started using it and may take a look at the other trios within the range.

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