Tuesday, 26 November 2013

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers

I recently bought three of the brand new MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers as these lip products are the only newly released items that have made me excited recently. I couldn't wait to grab a few shades after having seen swatches online and I couldn't stop thinking about them, yes, this is the life I lead. Superdrug had a three for two offer and so I bought three different shades and spent £6 as opposed to £9.

I really like the packaging of these as the frosted plastic makes it look high end; MUA have come so far from when they first started, I love seeing a brand develop and improve on their products. I've noticed some people commented on the wasteful cardboard outer packaging which I suppose can seem unnecessary but I find it a nice touch giving a little description of the product.

The colours I chose were Atomic, a seriously bright orange toned coral, Funk, a dark, fuchsia pink and Criminal, a bright pink. The two colours I left behind were Reckless, a red shade, and Kooky a true purple shade which I really wanted but wasn't sure how I'd get on with it so thought I'd stick to safer shades first and see how I get on.

I love the pigmentation of these lacquers and it takes only one application for complete coverage so are perfect for adding an intense, bold colour and give a striking look. The doe foot applicator makes it so easy to keep the lip line precise and even but if you make a mistake it can be pretty difficult to correct as they dry and set really quickly. Due to the matte finish of these I do find that my lips look slightly like prunes when wearing them, particularly Atomic, in that the lines on my lips are magnified a lot and, sadly, I don't aim to achieve a fruit lip look. I trialled out Atomic on a trip to the opticians (could my life be any more exciting? Thought not.) and found when I was sitting there that the product was flaking off into my mouth, apologies for the hideous imagery, so I sat in the chair not knowing whether my teeth were flecked orange or not. I find this really off-putting as, for me, there is nothing worse than lipstick getting onto your teeth and think think it is, again, due to the matte, dry finish.

I've seen reviews saying that these do not budge even when eating or drinking but I have to disagree with this unfortunately as I've found the colour to really badly wear off on the center of my lips. I don't usually have a problem with any other lip product wearing off on me so I was pretty gutted that these did. For me this makes me not want to wear the lacquers out in public because, as the colours are pretty bold, it's really obvious if parts have faded. Although they come off easily when eating or drinking if I rub my lip it doesn't smudge or smear, it just stays put and the only way to get the remainder off is with an eye makeup remover.

From left to right: Atomic, Funk, Criminal

I'm quite undecided on these products and I really thought that they would be amazing but for some reason I can't get on with them. I was thinking of using my finger to rub it into my lips to see if it'll help the colour last longer as maybe using the applicator makes the product too thick on my lips. To be honest I am rather disappointed as the fact they flake off makes them unwearable as touching the colour up frequently would begin to irritate me. Although saying that I generally don't get on with lip lacquers anyway and don't share the love people seem to have for the Rimmel Apocalips and so it might just be that my lips don't take well to liquid products that need to dry and set.

Have you tried these? Do you love them or are you unsure like me?


  1. I have had this problem with the colour reckless, which peels off my lips. Perhaps I need to give it another try with a thinner application... The Sleek Matte lipglosses are awesome and wear off evenly, but this wears off badly, patchy and peeling off my lips on the inside. As you say I too feel like I couldn't wear it out in public. But then what's the point in having a lipstick that you cannot wear out?! I am undecided, but may take it back...

    1. I am so glad someone else has this problem as I thought it was just me, everyone else seems to love them! I don't understand why it happens it's really frustrating! x