Monday 2 December 2013

Nspa: Jasmine and White Musk Body Fragrance

Perfumes and body sprays aren't the type of thing I usually post about and I don't tend to take much notice of posts about them either because liking a scent is really all down to personal preference and you can't exactly take a picture of a smell (I'm going to claim full copyright for that future invention). However, this Jasmine and White Musk Body Fragrance by Nspa, available in Asda stores, is so blog worthy it's unreal. I unfortunately can't find this product online but it will be in the Nspa section at Asda with the Bathing Rituals range. Saying that, my mum originally found this in the clearance section for £2 due to it having damaged packaging and then we found another one again a few weeks later for having no lid (lucky for me eh heh).

This product says that it's a 'sensual, spa inspired scent of Mandarin, Pink Pepper and Jasmine with sophisticated tones of Musk and warm Amber' and also has Sandalwood oil in it. I can't even think of how I would describe this smell but, for a body spray, the scent is so strong and lasts for a good few hours which is unusual for a body spray. I've had several compliments on this spray and one friend mentioned how it reminds her of her mum's perfume which goes to show how noticeable the smell is. It just smells absolutely beautiful and I feel is quite a grown up smell but is completely wearable both for day through to night.

I do like to spray myself in the morning and then at least once throughout the day I top up to keep the smell noticeable and so because of this you can end up going through it quite quickly. I don't find this to be a problem as I believe the original, full price is something like £4/£5 and isn't as much as an investment as a perfume.

I've heard a lot about the actual perfumes from Nspa which comes in three scents: Orient, Bloom and Pure. I want to get my hands on Orient as how it is described seems like it will be the smell that will most resemble the Jasmine and White Musk body spray but hopefully be even stronger! You can read more about Nspa here as they claim to get an even more intense scent you can layer different products.

Have you tried any fragrances from Nspa or do you tend to stick to perfumes? What's your favourite scent to wear?


  1. I havent heard of this brand before but love the look of it! :)
    I'm now following your blog on bloglovin. xx

    1. They have a lot of products and they all seem like they'd be pretty decent! Thank you! X

  2. I have used this perfume yesterday I love it. Where can I buy it plzzzzzzz tell me

  3. Plz reply me.. I have searching perfume for long time in Pakistan by not found yet... Plz tell how to order it online ?

  4. I have been searching everywhere to try and buy the jasmine and white musk fragrance by NSPA. Asda do not stock it anymore any idea how I can get hold of it.