Wednesday 1 January 2014

Elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powders: Luminance and Sun Kissed

I write this with mind-blowingly painful pins and needles in my left leg thanks to my motionless sitting down. I hope everyone's had a good start to 2014, mine began at a friend's house, progressed to walking home and nearly freezing to death, waking up very late in the day, eating chocolate stars, getting a headache and then now this. Obviously there was more but none of which is all that interesting, not that any of the previously listed is either...

I bring another Elf related post but this time on two of their Healthy Glow Bronzing Powders in the shades Luminance and Sun Kissed. Although these are marketed as bronzers I bought them with the intention to use them as a highlighter, one for me and one for my mum and *drum roll* they work goooooood.

They sell for £1.50 and are pretty much in the most basic packaging known to life itself but make a nice little click when closed (okay I lie, only one makes that satisfying clicking noise, the other tries but fails). If you like your products to look luxurious then these probably aren't going to cut it for you as there are glue marks clearly visible on the bottom of the bronzers but as I've said countless of times on this blog, I don't mind what a product looks like on the outside.

From left to right: Luminance, Sun Kissed

Luminance is almost sand coloured but on my skin comes out a shimmery champagne colour; it doesn't have much noticeable glitter making it so much more wearable than Mac's Soft and Gentle which I feel could look a teeny bit overdone on me just for going to the shop quickly. Sun Kissed is much more of a golden bronze and just would not work on my skin tone if I was wearing blusher but would work if I was wearing bronzer and wanted to look sun kissed (everyone laugh plz). On my mum however, who is naturally more tanned and darker than me, Sun Kissed works amazingly as a highlighter for her while Luminance looks quite silvery and is much too cool-toned on her skin.

I'm only guessing but I feel like these bronzers have an overlay on them as, when you use them for the first time, the surface feels really smooth and fairly velvety but once they've been used a few times it becomes rough and textured. You can probably see this on Luminance whereas on Sun Kissed you can see a section that hasn't been used yet. Although this is the case, it does't affect/effect (uh who even knows) how it applies to the face.

 From left to right: Luminance swatched, Sun Kissed swatched, both unblended

I have been reaching for Luminance on a daily basis and I keep hassling my mum to remember to use Sun Kissed because it looks so pretty on her but she says she forgets so we'll have to allow that to slide. I really should have swatched the bronzers on my mum's arm so you guys could see how the bronzers look different depending on skin tone and what would work best for your guys, apologies.

For £1.50 these bronzers are hardly an investment and definitely worth picking up next time you make an Elf purchase regardless of the cheap packaging and feel to the product. Have you tried these before or is there anything else from Elf that you use in a different way than what it is intended for?

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