Thursday 6 February 2014

Using Up: Moisturisers

I'm not sure what it is but I love the idea of using up old products and finishing off beauty items, I think it's probably down to the fact that I am so crazily untidy and so I feel like I can try and be organised through mini tasks. I was rooting around in the bathroom and then in one of my cupboards and realised I had 5 opened day moisturisers. FIVE?!

I've decided I'm going to use one of the moisturisers continuously until I finish it and then move onto the next one until I finish all of them. Can you say, wild? Now I'm actually typing this it feels incredibly lame that I'm going to get some sense of achievement from this; damn it Dani why can't you just focus on your driving theory? Or organising your college folder? Or selling all them TY babies on eBay?

I feel like I've had this product for absolutely ages with no signs of it depleting but I shall conquer it...eventually. It's another lightweight moisturiser that has a tendency to go into annoying little rolly bits (do you know what I mean?) on my face if I don't give it enough time to sink in but overall is fairly decent.

This moisturiser I'm actually kind of scared of because 9 times out of 10 when I've used this I would end up with my eyes full on crying as it stings so so much. Even after washing my hands after applying it it would still affect me if I went anywhere near my little peepers! I do remember it being a good moisturiser however aside from the whole minor nearly losing my vision fiasco.

I've been using this moisturiser constantly for weeks, day and night, and I finished it a few days ago. HAAAAAAAA-LELUJAH. I really enjoyed using this moisturiser actually and didn't find it gave my skin any problems or anything so I'll keep it in mind if I ever want to get another moisturiser.

Nip and Fab Day Cream
I got this moisturiser from a set from a charity shop, it has a really zingy smell that's nice to use in the mornings and feels thicker than my other moisturisers but I can't seem to find this online!

I love this moisturiser and only stopped using it because I started panicking that I was running out of it too quickly. Where is the logic in that?! I did a review of it here and am going to save this one until towards the end as I feel it's more of a summery moisturiser rather than a Winter one.

The moisturiser I'm going to use when I finish up all the others, I've been so restrained by keeping it in the box and chose this just because with my skin I feel I don't need any special treatment, just something really quite basic and fresh!

I hope this post wasn't too boring, it was more just for me to write down and keep track of how many items I have to use up and makes me more motivated to stick to one product. If you want an individual review of any of the moisturisers above let me know and I'll do that for you. Do you have a heck load of moisturisers that never seem to end or any other skincare/makeup product?


  1. I know what you mean about the accomplishment of finishing a product! Just the other day I realised I have at least ten body butters/lotions, maybe I should start to focus on one of them at a time :)

    1. Oh my word do not even get me started on body moisturisers haha! They are ultimately the hardest things to use up! x