Tuesday 2 September 2014

Primark Haul

A Primark haul has occurred again which isn't surprising when you combine me with cheap clothing and a recent pay day. I hadn't had the chance to go to Primark for quite a while and so was excited by all the Autumn/Winter clothing they now have in store along with all the housey items, dang, I love it all. I actually bought a lot more but when I got it home to try it on none of it looked how I imagined it (damn you high expectations) and some of the items just didn't sit properly which I find is often the case with Primark. 

Oversized Jumper- £8
I debated round the whole of Primark whether to get this jumper or not as I've always loved this bright yellow/green colour but wasn't sure whether it'd make me look ill, but, after taking it home and trying it on, I've found I absolutely love it. On the label it's called Mustard even though it's got more of a lime tinge but the colour is really suited for the colder weather and it's so warm and comfortable, I've definitely worn it too much already. I bought a size up from what I usually would as I wanted it to be cosy but after checking the receipt and seeing it's intended to be oversized anyway I could have got my normal size so is something worth bearing in mind if you buy this or any of the other colours.

Twisted Knot Earrings- £1
Recently I've been loving really simple stud earrings and so picked these up for just £1 (keels over in shock). For some reason the backs that came with these earrings wouldn't stay in place and kept sliding off so I just got another pair of backs from another set of earrings I have and the problem is solved, Dani the Handyman.

Flower Necklace- £4
I honestly don't think a day goes by where I don't have a necklace gracing my being at some point as, to me, they complete an outfit entirely. I only ever seem to wear gold necklaces or monochrome ones so thought I'd mix it up a bit by buying a colourful one; the smaller gems surrounding the flowers are emerald green and a lighter green then with silver gems in the middle of each flower. This necklace surprisingly works really well with my new jumper and even though the necklace is a bit of a pain initially to get all the flowers to lay flat I'll be getting a lot of wear out of it.

Textured Coatigan- £12
I honestly love this item, I feel like it's called a coatigan but I'm not entirely sure, more like a jacket/cardigan type hybrid. The picture doesn't do it much justice unfortunately as it's difficult to photograph but it's an oversized, slightly cropped sleeved piece which is great for throwing over a pair of leggings and simple vest. It's perfect for this time of year in England where it's quite cold but not cold enough for a full on coat but not warm enough for just a cardigan, hence why I feel it's a coatigan haha. It's got two front pockets and would look great dressed up or down and is again something I'll wear constantly until I find something else to become obsessed with.

Navy Bag- £10
The first time I walked past this bag I laughed and said it looked like a beat box bag (the pockets just really give off that vibe to me even though my friends practically died mocking me when I told them that) but the more I looked at it the more I convinced myself I needed it. Navy, again, is a Wintery colour and I only have black or grey bags so is a good addition to have, saying that though they also have an all black version and a burgundy one. For only £10 you get the three zipped sections at the front and then inside a zipped section and two pockets, regardless of this extreme storage opportunity everything still ends up at the bottom of the bag, nothing will ever be able to tame my lack of organisation. 

Navy Flats- £4
Following on from the theme of navy I desperately needed some basic flat shoes as my dog lovingly destroyed my go-to pair and all the others are hideously misshapen from being thrown in a box when we moved. These literally are the most basic shoes known to mankind but look nice paired against black leggings and will go with mostly everything.

That's everything I bought from Primark as everything else is currently waiting patiently in the bag to be returned. What do you think of the items I bought? Have you bought much from Primark recently?


  1. Love that yellow sweater and the blue necklace! Looks so comfy, but stylish.

    ~ mikéla davelyn ~

    1. Ah yay I'm glad you like it too! I honestly can't stop wearing the jumper haha! x

  2. I really like the yellow shirt and that necklace, price is also very reasonable. Thanks for sharing it with us