Friday, 3 January 2014

Dresses for Short Girls

This post is quite different to what I usually blog about but am hoping it helps a few people out who have the same sort of problem as me. I'm a naturally small person and pretty much do not have the body of a person who is 20 this year (say whaaaaaaat?). I'm 5ft and this used to frustrate me so much as I could very rarely find dresses from shops like New Look, H&M and Primark to suit me as the proportions just seemed really wrong for my body. I'd hate that it seemed like all other girls would be wearing fashionable dresses and I'd just be like waaaah grooooow. Up until a few years ago shops like Debenhams and Marks and Spencer seemed to be the only shops that offered Petite collections but had things like suit jackets and 'classic' pieces...can you imagine me rocking that? No, just to clarify. Now though more 'young' shops have petite collections meaning there is more choice but I thought I'd show some dresses I've found that sit nicely on me and are a really good length i.e. not nun-like. I know that Topshop and Miss Selfridge clothes generally come up pretty short but I don't tend to shop in these places just because I can't justify the prices and would probably have a coronary at the till.

All of these dresses I wear either dressed up or down which I think is really important as it gives you a lot more choice when wearing them. Earlier in the year I would pretty much only wear leggings but towards the end of last year I wore a lot of dresses and skirts for casual things like shopping or going round someone's house and I feel like this is going to the way for a loooooong time.

Today I'm going to show 3 patterned dresses I've recently bought and then tomorrow's post will be on 3 dresses that are more basic.

Tartan is really on trend at the moment and I purchased this from the teen section of New Look, I often buy clothes from children sections of shops as often they are just mini versions of what the adult section offers but for a cheaper price. I used to panic if people would realise it was a child's piece of clothing but now I don't really care ("yolo" she whispers), apart from that time I was wearing a child's jacket from Primark and I honestly saw like a 7 year old wearing it at the same time as me. I think she caught on but I vanished into the busy shopping centre crowd *brushes shoulders off*. I can no longer find this online but it may still be in stores and I assume all the other skate style dresses will be the same fit!

This again is from the teen section of New Look and I absolutely love it! I wore it to a New Year's Eve party I went to and am going to be wearing it casually with my denim jackets or a cardigan as well. Admittedly it looks really, really damn weird in the picture above but once it's actually on it doesn't look strange and has a nice, quite fitted shape.

I actually bought this dress yesterday after seeing it and falling in love. Initially I wasn't going to buy it as I thought it looked way too long but I was really surprised when trying it on that it came to just above my knee. I love the sort of turtle neck style it has but the pattern actually kills my eyes and makes me feel sick but I won't be the one looking at it when wearing it HAWHAW. I can't find this online either but it definitely is in store, I can never seem to work the H&M website properly though when looking for anything?!

I hope this has given people some ideas if you struggle with the length of dresses and I'm sorry for the photos, I can't even look at them they look awful! It's the only way I can think of displaying them though without actually having to be in the picture haha! Does anyone have any idea of how I can take pictures of clothes? Help a fella in need please.


  1. I love all of these dresses. Such bargains as well :)


    1. Aah yaaay :) Yes I know they're all so cheap! I can't remember the price of the red tartan one but I know that was cheap too haha! x

  2. I'm exactly the same with you when trying to find clothes for my height! It's so annoying isn't it lol. I loveeeee the tartan dresses and never thought to look in the teens section! xxx
    -Sarah Speaks

    1. Oh my word yes it's so irritating! I love them too they are so on trend as well! Yeah start having a little look it's actually surprising hahah! The H&M kids bit is good for like thick trouser type leggings (must resist the word tregging) if you're interested haha! x

  3. Topshop also have petite. I agree with the prices but I think it's justifiable when you have a perfect fitting well made item! x


    1. Ah I know I literally love Topshop clothes but am a bit of a cheapskate to be honest and always hunt around for cheaper alternatives hahah! x