Monday, 12 August 2013

Review: George at Asda Under Eye Concealer

This is going to be a review of the Under Eye Concealer by George at Asda and is a product I have recently repurchased after having finished it. It retails at £4.50 here and also in Asdas with a makeup section. It comes in three shades, Light, Medium and Dark and so certain people may not be able to find a shade that will suit them.

The concealer has a click-pen type mechanism (this sounds so dramatic I'm laughing right now) and is one of those products that takes roughly fifty years to get it working after first buying it. The actual applicator is a synthetic brush which makes it easy to use and apply but will probably need cleaning after every use if you're concerned with it going into the lid which personally doesn't bother me haha.

I buy this concealer in the shade 01 Light which is a pink toned creamy shade which is actually too light for me but is perfect because I like to use it to get a natural brightened effect under my eyes; I either use it before I put my foundation on or after I put my foundation on and focus it on the inner part of my eye. I do have to be careful to make sure I blend my foundation into this concealer however because otherwise it can look really obvious that I've used a concealer that is too light for my skin. I also use this on my brow bone and feel like it finishes off my eyebrows after having filled them in. I have used this in the past as a highlighter on my cheekbones and cupid's bow and blended it in which makes my face look a lot more alive and less flat after applying foundation. I do actually want to buy this in the shade 02 Medium however to use for actual concealing as well.

In the above picture I didn't blend the product in fully so you can see how light it is in comparison to my skin however it will blend out further until it is basically non-detectable. The formula is really creamy and, as I said, blendable, however, if you don't blend it more or less straight away it can be quite difficult to do so and I would say it dries to quite a matte finish rather than having a dewy look.

I really like this concealer and would recommend you to test it out the next time you're in Asda because it's a really effective product for a very low price. I haven't tried much else from the George at Asda makeup range apart from their eyebrow pencil which I loved for many months, some nail varnishes which have the nicest colour ranges and a lipstick which I wasn't very impressed with, however, I am willing to try out more from the range if anyone has any suggestions!

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