Saturday 4 January 2014

Dresses for Short Girls...Again

This post is following on from yesterday's and, as mentioned before, I will be talking about 3 dresses I own that are more basic than the ones I showed yesterday and are a good length on me (I feel like I'm just repeating myself).

The first dress is this marl grey skater style t-shirt dress with lurex sleeves that I bought from New Look quite some time ago but from one of the sections where they have clothes from other brands, this one being Blue Vanilla. It was around the £10 mark and is so easy to wear with so many things. I know New Look themselves do dresses similar to this t-shirt skater style that look to be the same length but in a variety of different colours and patterns.

I got this (again) from the teen section of New Look a few weeks ago from their Christmas sale and bought it for £5 instead of £14.99!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!one!!!!!! I really love how it's loose fitting and think it looks quite festive (okay been and gone now, whatever) but can be worn throughout the rest of the colder months with cropped jumpers and woolly tights. I think this may have sold out online now but always check the New Look sale sections as they do tend to have crazily good reductions.

This dress is quite possibly the definition of basic...BUT I DARN WELL LOVE IT! In the picture it does look a little toooooo short but when worn it isn't and because it's stretchy you can readjust it. I would never wear this dress by itself just because it is tight fitting and has a scooped back which I really don't think does any favours for me but I really love it for layering with other items. Let's hope I never get overly hot/faint in public as I probably would refuse to remove my jacket/cardigan/jumper even in my deranged state making my mishap a lot more dramatic than necessary. Usually I would walk straight past items like these in Primark but next time you pass make sure you have a look as it is so versatile and you will probably wear it for many days straight, like I may or may not have done myself.

Sorry there were no links to any of these items, I did not think this post through in terms of what would be sold out/not available anymore. When it comes to finding dresses that fit properly I do think it is a case of trial and error, for example I've now found out that anything that is quite smocky just definitely won't look good on me no matter how I accessorize because it ends up drowning me (drowning in the sense of appearance and not like I have nearly done so on many occasions on holiday, thank you bad vision leading to blindness in the pool, that is).


  1. I love all of them! Seriously need to look for something like this the next time i go shopping!
    Btw, I really like your blog, it's really cute, haha.

    1. Haha yay! And aw that's such a nice thing to say, thank you! :) x