Monday 3 February 2014

Miss Sporty Mascaras: Studio Lash Incrediball and Lash Millionaire

You may have realised I haven't been posting much (okay I'll calm myself down, no-one noticed my lack of posting) recently, the reason being every makeup product I want to blog about I haven't quite made my mind up about or I haven't taken pictures of yet *raises hand and clenches until a fist is formed, shakes with annoyance*.

Miss Sporty is a brand I'm pretty sure every girl into makeup knows about, cheap and affordable, it provided my makeup-hating younger self with a clear mascara (started from the bottom now we here, no I'm not cool enough for that song, I'll stop) to fulfill my eyelash needs. It's ironic how I'm dedicating a post to a brand whose name couldn't be anymore different to my lifestyle. I now own two different mascaras from Miss Sporty, both of which I picked up on a whim.

The first mascara is the Studio Lash Incrediball and is one I bought quite recently when I needed a new mascara and is only £2.99. It claims to capture and volumize every eyelash by 9 times the original amount to give 'extravagant volume and perfect lash definition'. Now I don't know about you but I would say volumizing eyelashes by 9 is a bit of an over-exaggeration, can you imagine? You wouldn't even be able to open your eye after blinking. Props to whoever thought of the name though, Incrediball is genuinely so good, I may marry it.

The wand was what initially interested me in the mascara as it has really tiny plastic bristles and then a ball shape at the end which reminds me of Benefit's They're Real, which I've tried and loved. I'm not usually a fan of plastic wands as I hurt myself before by accidentally blinking while applying mascara (warning: don't do it) and ever since I've been a bit meh about them but thought I'd give this one a go.

At first the formula was too wet and it clumped my eyelashes together but I half expected this as most mascaras tend to be like this and need a few days to dry up a bit. I've been using this mascara daily and can say that I definitely do like it, it gives length and volume to my eyelashes and the ball makes it really easy to get the little eyelashes in the inner corner and is also really useful for the bottom lashes. I have found that my eyelashes can get a bit clumped if I'm not careful and it's then difficult to de-clump them with the brush so then I just get a different mascara and wiggle the wand through my eyelashes which sorts them out.

I curled my eyelashes and then applied two coats of the Studio Lash Incrediball

The second mascara is the Lash Millionaire which claims to give volume, length and separation all for the low price of £3.49. I remember being really impressed the first time I used this mascara and it still does impress me, it gives so much length to my eyelashes, more so than any other mascara I've tried. It also does separate my eyelashes really, really well, however, I can't say it gives my eyelashes any volume and so find myself using this mascara first and then any other random mascara to just go over it and add some more definition. I'd say for people who just want to give their eyelashes a lot more length and give a nice, everyday look then this mascara should definitely be considered.

The wand on this mascara isn't plastic and I'm not actually sure how to refer to it, is it fibre? I canny remember. I find the length of the wand makes it so easy to get all of your eyelashes at once in one coat without having to snap your wrist re-positioning it to include every little fella.

I've found with this mascara that when I wear it on my bottom eyelashes that by the end of the day I have that annoying black smudge under my eyes, however, I've been wearing it all evening and there isn't any smudging so this could perhaps be because of the concealer I was wearing previously.

I curled my eyelashes and then applied two coats of the Lash Millionaire

In the interests of reviewing, let me plague your eyes with this really unattractive picture of my naked (censored) eye. Girls are used to this sort of before and after, boys are not.

Left eye: Lash Millionaire, right eye: Incrediball

When looking at my eyes in the picture above I think my eyelashes do look quite different from one another; using the Lash Millionaire gives much more of a straight and separated look while the Incrediball gives a more curved effect and there are more clumps. In real life I don't think anyone would come up to me in horror and be like 'YOU'RE USING TWO DIFFERENT MASCARAS' as the effects are quite similar. I would recommend both of these mascaras as I do think they do the same job as the likes of Rimmel and Maybelline but at a fraction of the price and I'm really enjoying using them. If you are really anti-clump then the Incrediball may get on your nerves especially if you want to reapply it through the day as that's when the clumps start showing, but if you aren't that fussed from minor clumping then you should be fine. Could I mention clumping any more times?!

I feel really uncomfortable showing parts of my face on my blog but I've decided I'm going to power through and try and do it more often as I always find myself so much more convinced by pictures showing the product once actually applied and it makes posts a lot more interesting so bare with me and I shall prevail.

Have you ever tried any mascaras by Miss Sporty or any other item from their range?


  1. I used to looove miss sporty when I was younger. I think the Incrediball looks better!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. Haha me too! Ah yeah I think for a more dramatic look the Incrediball works a lot better! xxx