Monday, 11 August 2014

L'Oreal's Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation

A few months ago Asda had L’Oreal’s Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation  on offer much to my delight as I’d been wanting to try it out. I’d been looking for a lightweight foundation to wear on warmer days when heavy makeup tends to feel annoying and overdone that gave my skin a natural look but would still smooth out my complexion. The foundation claims to have a ‘fresh feel’ giving ‘weightless bare perfection’ while also providing SPF 18 which is really useful for when Summer actually lives up to expectation (alert: it has).

At first glance the foundation bottle appears to be quite small but a little goes a long way with this formula; you're told to shake the bottle and then apply just one drop, now, I have a pretty small face as far as 19 year old faces go but one drop definitely isn't enough for me. The runny formula does mean that the product covers a much bigger area than you'd expect but I prefer to use two, three or four drops depending on how much coverage I want.

The foundation blends quickly with minimal effort (perfect for me as I am always running late) and leaves my skin feeling pretty much like my own skin when I'm not wearing makeup but smoother. I like to use my fingers to apply it as when using a buffing brush it feels as though the product disappears too quickly and doesn't achieve anything. I picked up the shade Warm Ivory, which I believe is the second to lightest shade, as they didn't have Porcelain in stock but am so glad I bought the slightly darker option as it give my skin a hint of colour which I really like (bronzed Goddess I am not) but due to the lightweight formula I don’t have to worry about blending the foundation down onto my neck.

When initially using the foundation I wasn't all that impressed as it didn't seem to give much coverage compared to what I was used to and so felt using it wasn't achieving anything. However, now that I've been using it for about two months I find it really helps to even out my skin tone and gives a nice base for everyday events and is much better for my skin than caking it with something much heavier. If I am going to wear cheek products then I like to fill in my eyebrows to pass time and allow the foundation to set slightly then I apply a little powder over the top otherwise products can apply quite unevenly without it. Throughout the day I do tend to get incredibly oily on my nose, I do usually get oily on my nose but with this foundation it seems to be exaggerated by about 10,000 and the foundation completely wears away so if you suffer with oily skin it might be best to avoid. For a night out wearing this foundation would be a disaster as the foundation leaves my skin looking glowy at the end of the day and this would translate into 'crazed sweaty wreck' on camera so I will still use heavier coverage foundations.

My skin has improved a lot since using this foundation and has made me realise that I don't need to cover my skin as much as I did in the past but at £9.99 I may not repurchase it as I want to try out another light foundation to compare, most likely Revlon's Nearly Naked Foundation.

Have you tried this foundation, if so what do you think?

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  1. Thank you for sharing the review, need to show this blog to my wife as she always found it hard to select foundation. This will surely help her a lot.