Friday, 1 August 2014

Back with a Vengeance

I haven’t blogged in such a long time due to a painful reversion to the Stone Age, also known as 'The Loss of Internet’. I was supposed to move house in May and so we ended our internet contract thinking we'd be gone but we actually ended up moving on the 3rd of July.  I’m not entirely sure how I’ve survived but through a combination of strategically using 3G on my phone, stealing wifi by parking in a McDonald’s car park and lurking outside my friend’s house with my laptop, I’m still standing. Feel free to burst into song.

In the time I’ve been gone I’ve visited my friend at Lincoln University and nearly finished myself off going out five nights in a row, finished an awful college course much to my delight, moved house, spent a lot of time with my friends who are home from uni, went to EDC (an all day music event), passed my driving theory test and done a heck of a lot of overtime at work. Can I just take the chance to say that moving house was so stressful and I have new found empathy for everyone thinking of moving or preparing to move.

I have seriously missed blogging and reading all the posts on Bloglovin’, I feel so out of sync with the beauty world and am so unprepared when I see new releases in Boots/Superdrug. There has been a positive to me not having access to blogs though and that is the amount of money spent on clothes and makeup has seriously decreased as I’m pretty much unaware of everything but I'm certainly making up for it now (cough just made a big Missguided order).

I’m surprised I can even remember how to write up blog posts to be honest but I’m glad I can as I plan to blog a lot more and also write some housey posts as I have been really enjoying trailing round shops looking for cheap little bargains to make mine, my mum’s and brother’s house look nice and homely. I also missed my one year blog milestone which was on the 3rd of July, dang.

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