Tuesday 26 August 2014

When Broken Makeup Happens to Good People

I think we've all been there when you unassumingly peer into your makeup bag and are met by a disheveled, powdery explosion which can only mean one thing, something has smashed. It's always a severely emotional time, there's stage one: disbelief, stage two: wailing over wasted money, stage three: acceptance and then finally stage four: throwing it away, or, if you're like me, there will be a stage three-and-a-half which involves a blog post. I've never actually broken any products before up until now where three items broke in one week, but, to be fair, two were from being in my bag when I was dancing (if you've seen me dancing you wouldn't call it that) and jumping at a music event where I can only imagine they were knocked around continuously. Ah hindsight.

First to be crushed into smithereens was my GOSH Multicolour Blush in Bronze Pie, a blusher/bronzer made up of four colour segments: a peach, a pale pink, a golden beige and a purple brown. I used this product non-stop during the Summer with it being the only cheek product I kept out in my everyday makeup box as using the three lighter shades gave a really nice bronzed, peachy look. I avoided the more purple-toned shade as it was too overpowering when used but aside from that it was great quality and really long-lasting when worn so is something I would definitely repurchase (if I didn't already have so many cheek products).

Next to be ruined was Natural Collection's Eyeshadow in Crushed Walnut, my ultimate eyebrow powder. When I discovered I'd smashed the eyeshadow I feared for my eyebrow's lives and, for a few days, I tried to make do without it by trying alternatives I had stored away but quickly repurchased it after being left disappointed. Fear not eyebrow hair follicles, you are dark and defined again.

Lastly is a really new product to my makeup collection, Essence's All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder. I must have only had this powder for a week when the metal on the hinge (for lack of a more appropriate word haha) of the packaging broke meaning there's now no way of closing the product securely. Technically this product isn't broken, yet, but it's definitely heading that way and what remains is a dented powdery mess, soon to be in Makeup Heaven.

I'm quite impressed that over the years so much of my makeup has survived considering how clumsy I can be with my bags and products and these are the only fighters that didn't quite make it. What makeup have you broken in the past, if any?


  1. Your blog is amazing!

  2. Your blog is really amazing dear and i hope you know that. However, i would suggest not to become complacent an keeping striving to become better and better. Good luck!