Friday, 26 July 2013

My Mac Lipsticks: Morange and Impassioned

I own so many different lipsticks with prices ranging from a Collection lipstick which was in the sale for 50p (and is one of my most go-to lip colours) to these £15 Mac lipsticks. I think it's nice to splurge every now and then on higher end makeup items and, with lipsticks, I know I will get my use out of them. Both of the lipsticks I own from Mac are amplified creme finishes which I love and am most drawn to because it seems to have bright and vibrant colours in the collection, however, I haven't tried any other finish so I can't compare them. I love the sweet scent Mac lipsticks have and I also love how creamy these lipsticks are but not so much so that they slide around and off the lips.

First is Morange which is a really bright and true orange which I love with all of my heart. I only bought this lipstick today but can tell I will get so much wear out of it because I wear bright lipsticks constantly. I have quite a few bright orange shades from brands like Collection, Gosh and Topshop but I thought it would be really worthwhile investing in an orange that I know will last all day and of really high quality.

(Please ignore the hideous shape of this lipstick, I don't know why all my lipsticks end up like this haha)

Impassioned was the first Mac lipstick I bought, and since buying it around December time, have loved it ever since. I chose really carefully as I wanted to get my money's worth and literally left the shop with my hand covered in swatches of different finishes and shades. I'm really happy I chose Impassioned as I use it frequently for both day and night as I find it to be the perfect shade of pink in that it's very bright and noticeable but isn't a Barbie shade of pink making it incredibly wearable. Every time I go to a Mac counter I always pick this lipstick up and then realise that I already own it, I think my eyes are just so attracted to it (in a non-creepy way).

Above are swatches of the lipsticks and I would definitely say they make it into my list of favourite lipsticks. These colours add a splash of colour to your face and can make a plain outfit appear really different and much more interesting when wearing either shade. I also think these two colours just make my face appear much more healthy and alive and give a focal point to the face.

These are the only Mac products I own but I want to try more products from them! I'm thinking of getting a concealer because I really want one which doesn't crease and that completely masks my blue veins under my eyes and also a Mineralize Skinfinish. I have to be realistic though because being on an 8 hour work contract can hardly fund a life of makeup luxury, so, if you know of any cheaper alternatives, please let me know!

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  1. Need to show this post to my wife as she always finds it hard to select lipstick. Thank you for sharing it with us and keep posting such posts