Wednesday 17 July 2013

Poundland Beauty Buys: Revlon and Stila

Firstly I picked up three Revlon Nail Enamels; I only own one other Revlon nail varnish which is 260 Girly that I bought when on offer in Superdrug for £4.49 (forever a sale seeker) instead of the usual  £6.49. I love the colours Revlon offer but I don't usually bother buying expensive nail varnishes because I honestly think it's impossible for it to not chip off throughout the day so stick to ones that are around £4 or less.  I really like the shape of these bottles (it seems wrong calling them bottles haha) and the long lid makes it easy to hold. There were a few more different colours available such as a red and an orange which I very nearly bought as well but then realised I really don't need any more nail varnishes...but I still bought three anyway.

From left to right: 340 Stunning, 85 Minted and 281 Classy

Stunning is stunning (hawhaw), no I'm joking but it is a really nice glitter varnish to layer over any other colour, it has different sizes of glitter pieces and the larger ones are holographic which provides me with minutes of amusement when it catches the light, usually when I'm stood at the fitting room at work.

Minted is a pastel mint (why does Revlon make it so hard to describe a colour without using the actual name?!) and I was really excited when I found this because it looks so summery.

Lastly is Classy which I thought would be a very light, pale pink but it actually comes out with an orangey tint which isn't what I expected but I still like it. In the above picture I used two coats of varnish for Stunning and Minted but three for Classy because it came out quite streaky and the streaks were still obvious after two coats.

I've worn all three varnishes and I would say their duration is around two to four days depending on whether you peel and pick at it like I do or not.

The next item I bought was a Stila Tinted Moisturiser, when I saw this I was so excited because I've never tried any Stila products but have heard it's a good brand. The idea of a tinted moisturiser really appealed to me because it's been so hot recently and especially because it's by a higher end brand. The colour is in Light 3 which I think is a bit too orange for me but it was the only one I could find so I thought I'd buy it and try and make it work somehow.

I've tried this twice and I find it personally isn't beneficial for me because, even though I don't use high coverage foundations, I do like to use foundation to even out my skin tone but I feel like this product just doesn't provide enough coverage for me. This isn't any fault of the product because it's intended to be light and sheer as it says. I tried it first by itself without a moisturiser before hand and felt it just didn't moisturise my face and I found it really hard to spread because it's quite thick, however, the actual blending is fine it's just a case of using quite a lot of product. The second time I used it after my usual face moisturiser had sunk in and it did seem to work better where it didn't have to act as a primary moisturiser.

I think it would be really good to use for a holiday if you wanted to keep your base to a minimum and get sun protection as well and, because it's slightly too dark for me, it would match a lot better if using it with a tan. It'd also be good for younger girls starting to wear makeup because it's so minimal and leaves your skin looking and feeling like skin. I looked online to see how much this product would usually be and I found prices of around £20 but also saw it on eBay for £1.99.

You can sort of see a yellowish tint on my arm in the above picture where I used the product which looks worse than it does on my face because my face has more colour than the inside of my arm but I do wish I found a closer matching colour. I'm going to give the tinted moisturiser another go when my skin is having a good day and see what I think again because I really want to like the product and be like 'yes I use Stila...which I got FOR A POUND.', but, for now, those words shall not be uttered.


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