Saturday, 13 July 2013

River Island Sale Purchases

A few days ago I went into River Island to have a look round and they had a massive sale going on which, initially, didn't really interest me as I hardly ever buy items from there. I  like the clothes and accessories they have but find it can be really expensive and I always talk myself out of buying them when I know I can find a cheaper alternative in other places (I am probably the only girl alive who returned a pair of Topshop's Joni jeans due to the price even though they fitted me and I loved them like a child) but the sale meant I found some really good bargains.

Firstly I found these black, gold studded, sandal flatforms (I think...) that I had wanted ages ago but when I discovered they were £45 I painfully locked them away in a safe place in my head. In the sale though they were only £15 which I couldn't believe and even for a girl who struggles with mental maths (or any kind) I knew this was a huge reduction. I absolutely love these and I think they're quite versatile in that they can be dressed up for the evening with a dress or skirt or worn more casually with leggings or jeans. They also look like they'll be really comfortable because of the ankle strap and the soft material so I shouldn't end up on the verge of collapse when wearing them.

As soon as I saw these my heart literally melted because they are so dang cute and even more so when seeing reduction from £32 down to £15. I love these because they have a modern twist on normal, day-to-day sandals or summer footwear because of the platform they have on them and the cut out detail makes them really appropriate for summer or taking on holiday abroad. For some reason the laces make me think of an old-fashioned school child or maybe even bowling shoes so I knew I had to get them.

(Warning: traumatic story ahead) When I first went into the shop I saw this dress in my size and loved it's unusual pattern and the quarter length sleeves but didn't pick it up because I rarely wear dresses so I didn't think it would be worth me buying it, but then I later decided I wanted it and went back but it had gone (shock, horror, betrayal). As you can probably tell though I did find my size as someone had tried it on and it had been put back onto the shop floor when they didn't want it (meheh one point to Dani). It was reduced from £35 to £15 which I think is such good value because it is quite a thick material so isn't one of those cheapy, see-through dresses. It has an elasticated button fastening at the back and the skirt section of the dress flares out and, along with the black panelling at the sides, it makes it a really flattering dress. The reason I don't wear dresses very often is because I feel they don't suit me and also struggle to find any that fit me well however, thankfully, this one does. I'm also really short so most things tend to come up long on me but this dress is a good length and comes to about the top of my knee when I'm wearing heels. 

I am so happy I found this next item because I love wearing denim jackets, I only have two but I think they are so handy for wearing over a top and they keep you warm without making you look wintery like a coat does. I have literally lived and died in my acid wash one I bought from Primark in April so I'm so happy I now have another one I can switch between. This jacket was originally £60 which literally blows my mind and I can't ever imagine paying that unless it was really unusual and unique but it was reduced to £25 which I think is reasonable because it seems to be quite a thick denim and I love the floral embroidered pattern on it. The length of the jacket reaches my hips which I prefer over a shorter one and it also has tears in it (fear not for I wasn't attacked by savage animals) which makes it look more worn and vintage.

The last thing I bought was this oh my word heavenly necklace reduced from £15 down to £3 (!!!). I loved this the first day I set my eyes upon its full priced beginnings which is strange for me because I hate skulls on clothing and jewellery because I think they look creepy but I really like the details on these skulls. The skulls all sort of fit into each other and so sit straight and neatly; they have moved a few times when wearing it but I just flip them back around in a very technical manner. I always wear a necklace and I love statement ones so I think this will be perfect for making a plain outfit more interesting or to just add to any outfit.

I absolutely love everything I bought from the River Island sale and can tell I'll get such good wear out of everything but particularly the jacket. Did you buy anything from the sale?


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