Sunday, 16 February 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge Mac's Impassioned Dupe

The fourth topic for the #2014BloggerChallenge is on high end vs high street with one of the suggestions being a good dupe you've found and I instantly knew what I was going to post about.

I feel like I harp on so much about Mac's Impassioned but I have good reason as it's my favourite lipstick ever ever everrrrrr and is the most glorious shade known to the human eye. It has an Amplified finish and, honestly, stays on my lips all day with hardly any fading and so is always my go-to when I have a long day. This could be potentially hideous if you have a sick phobia but, once, I put it on in the morning before work, I think it was a 7/8 hour shift, then went out to eat after with some friends, ended up being sick a couple of times after the meal as I wasn't feeling well, looked in the mirror and my lipstick was still intact. I think I reapplied the lipstick once before I went for the meal but I just find it completely mind-blowing that a lip product can last so long when you're constantly talking/eating/drinking. Okay anyway moving on from that.

At £15 Mac lipsticks are pretty pricey, BUT, I have found a lipstick that is incredibly similar, with that being  Beauty UK's Passion and only costing a mere £3.49. Is it a coincidence the names are also pretty much the same?! When swatched I can see there is a difference between the two shades with Impassioned looking more coral in some lights while Passion looking a deeper pink, however, when worn half and half on the lips to compare the shades I wouldn't be able to tell which is which if I wasn't the one who applied it (I don't have a personal lipstick assistant, cry.)  In fact, when I was testing both shades on my lips my mum asked what lipstick I was wearing and there was a psychedelic moment where I revealed I was wearing two. Please note: it was hardly all.

On the left is Mac and on the right Beauty Uk

In terms of finish I'd say they are pretty much the same as well, not too matte and not too glossy meaning the shades just stay put on your lips nicely with no fear of them slip-sliding around or getting on your teeth with every word spoken. Passion lasts a full day on me in the same way as Impassioned and both have a strong scent, Mac's being vanilla, Beauty Uk's being mint.

From left to right: Mac's Impassioned, Beauty Uk's Passion

These are the swatches after trying to wash them off with soap

Although I would be devastated and cry endless amounts of tears if Mac ever discontinued Impassioned I would be able to slowly piece my life back together with the knowledge that Passion exists. I'd say if you were unsure you would get £15 worth out of Impassioned then to first try out Passion so you get an idea of the colour and how it would look on you before committing to Mac. Wow I am such a killjoy aren't I? I feel like a boring financial adviser.


  1. wow amazing dupe! I love Beauty UK products so inexpensive and amazing!
    Sophie Jenner

    1. I seriously think they're so similar! And yes everything I've tried from them I've really really liked! x

  2. They are such good matches - and I really like the colour as well :) xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog

    1. They are aren't they! I know it's my favourite! x