Friday, 28 February 2014

Lidl's Suddenly Diamonds: Boss Orange Dupe

My mum recently bought this eau de parfum, Suddenly Diamonds, from Lidl for me after she told me about it supposedly being a dupe for Boss Orange by Hugo Boss and I was really interested in it. I'm kind of rubbish with recognising perfume smells, you could literally spray a Chanel perfume in my face and all I would do is rub my eye and maybe cry so I can't comment on the 'dupiness'. What I do know though is that this is the perfect day time scent; it's quite light but is still noticeable and smells refreshing and a a tiny bit citrusy which is surprising as I don't like citrus smells usually.

This perfume only costs £3.99 for 50ml and so means I'm not scared to put it in my bag and carry it around with me and it also means if you're looking for a new perfume to mix up your usual scent then this is a really affordable option. I do like to spray this at least once throughout the day just to keep the smell topped up and even through regular daily use there is still a lot left. The bottle is classy and if placed in a row with designer perfumes I don't think many people would instantly recognise it as the odd one out, not that this scenario would ever be likely to occur.

All in all I'm impressed with this perfume as I like to have a few different perfume options to choose from and I've also read that they have another perfume which is supposedly another dupe but for a Chanel perfume (I told you I have no clue about fragrance).

Have you ever smelt this perfume or any other Lidl perfumes? What do/did you think? Also apologies for the lack of smoothing down of the pillowcase, I should have whipped out the iron. Not that I know how to iron. Damn it.04

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