Thursday, 27 February 2014

The 5 Travelling Lipsticks

Yesterday I got back from visiting one of my best friend's who's at uni in Lincoln, I went from Friday through to Wednesday and had the best time everrrr so much so I stayed two days longer than planned, okay three if you include the breakdown I had the night at 11pm when realising my ticket wouldn't allow me to come home on the Sunday. When I was unpacking my makeup bag I decided I'm going to post about the makeup I brought with me but am doing the lipsticks separately. Five lipsticks doesn't seem like much but when you consider I was packing with the thought in mind I was only going to be there from Friday afternoon to Sunday's excessive.

I wanted to bring a variety of colours to make sure I wouldn't be doing my makeup and think 'dang I wish I brought _____' as well. Starting from the left is Barry M's 52 Shocking Pink, Barry M's 151 Sunset, Rimmel's 107, a lipstick by Louise Gray for Topshop called Mexican Wave and then Mac's Impassioned.

Yes, I brought two Barry M lipsticks with me, big up big up Barry. 52 Shocking Pink is pretty much how I imagine a pink highlighter would be in lipstick form, it is so shockingly (shocking ha) pink and is a shade I would wear every single day if I could. I wore this on our first night out on the Friday but in photos it doesn't really pick up that well.

151 Sunset I brought with me as I wanted a corally colour if I felt like I didn't want to wear a full on orange, I can't remember if I actually wore this shade or not, I feel like I did through out the day though I could have done without it.

I brought Rimmel's 107 with me for if I wanted to wear a dark lip and I ended up wearing this on our last night out although it faded pretty badly throughout the night and I wasn't functioning well enough to reapply it.

Mexican Wave by Louise Gray at Tophshop I bought a few years ago in the New Year sales as it was heavily reduced, I think this line has been discontinued as I can't find it online anymore but a lipstick similar to this shade is Mac's Morange or Topshop's Infrared but this one is more noticeably different. I wore this lipstick on our second night out and prefer it to a standard red going out shade as I feel like red doesn't do much for my face, or at least all of the reds I own don't!

Lastly, surprise surprise I couldn't leave my little Impassioned baby at home, needless to say I wore this travelling to and from Lincoln and it was never a question in my mind that it would accompany me on my travels.

From left to right: Barry M's 52, Barry M's 151, Rimmel's 107, Louise Gray's Mexican Wave and Mac's Impassioned

I think it's quite surprising how easy it was to whittle my hugeeeee lipstick collection down into these five and feel I made pretty good choices. Note how I didn't bring any nudes, I never see the point in me bringing quite toned-down shades as I don't wear them.

What shades would you bring with you if you went away? Any of the ones I talked about above?


  1. I have that Kate Moss lippy! Such a lovely colour.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. It's so nice isn't it, so perfect for the colder months! xxx

  2. Oooh I really like MAC's impassioned, I think I would be really boring and bring with me clear lip balms, a pinky nude lipstick and maybe a red lipstick?

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Honestly get emotional every time I think about that dang lipstick haha! They're not boring choices they all seem like really good staple, versatile colours! Thanks for answering! x