Monday, 3 March 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge Maybelline Forever Strong Varnish in Surreal

It's that time again for the #2014BloggerChallenge and this time the topic is nails. Yes metal nails. I jest. I had a mini panic when I saw the topic as my nails are an absolute state at the moment, I'm a nail biter unfortunately and go through phases of being able to resist and have them really long and nicely painted for a good few months and then something happens and I end up with nails that are incredibly boring and nothing special to look at.

I have a huge nail varnish collection but the one nail varnish that always stands out in my mind is Maybelline's Forever Strong Varnish in Surreal; as a gel varnish it has amazing staying power and lasted around a week on my nails the first time I tried it with very minimal chipping. I love the powdery lilac, blue shade and the fairly short but flat brush (there would be a picture but my geezer of a phone wouldn't focus properly) makes application so easy. I'd definitely recommend this nail varnish and I imagine the other shades in the range would have the same amazing quality and for £4.09 (so precise) I haven't found another formula to beat it.

Are you a nail person or do you tend to neglect them a bit like myself? One day I will nurture my nails like a newborn baby but today is not that day.


  1. That's a gorgeous super shiny shade, I love it! And very affordable too. Must have a look at the Maybelline display. Thanks for sharing ;)

    1. Literally the only nail varnish that I really truly like haha! They have some other nice shades so it's worth looking! And you're welcome :) x