Thursday 6 March 2014

Warmer Weather Lipsticks

I'm back with yet another post on lipsticks, I really can't help myself, I have so many and find them the most interesting to talk about. This post feels like it has been around 10 years in the making as I decided to take pictures of me wearing the lipstick and about 100 photos later I still wasn't happy with the picture quality but threw my hands up in the air, dramatically shook my fist and proceeded to use them anyway.

It's now March and Spring is on its way in two weeks (March 20th) and so, with any luck, the weather will get a bit warmer and the Spring trends will be in full swing. I've selected five lipsticks I'll be reaching for more to suit the weather including various shades of pink and coral, all are from Boots/Superdrug meaning you won't have to fork out a lot of money to buy any of them.

L'Oréal on the left, Maybelline on the right

I've had this lipstick in my collection for quite some time now and is a lipstick I don't recall ever seeing a blog post about and feel it's pretty underrated. The formula of this lipstick is so creamy and moisturising while smelling like parma violets. It's a corally pink shade that leans quite yellow (does that even exist?) and reminds me a bit of Mac's Viva Glam Nicki but is so much more wearable, believe me I tried it on in the shop once and it looked revolting on me, I can't believe I was ever thinking of buying it! It can be worn lightly with just one layer or built up, it can go a bit cakey when built up but is fine once blotted.

Another coral shade that I absolutely love for its vibrancy, just looking at it makes me wish I was in the sun. This shade would look so nice with a tan or for people who have an olivey skin tone as it would really stand out however also still looks good if you're paler. I don't really understand why this lipstick translates so badly on camera but it is brighter and more pigmented in real life!

A bit of a dark horse (pretty sure my use of that phrase is 100% Katy Perry inspired) surrounded by these more well-known brands but is made unique due to the matte finish and the cool pink shade. I blogged about it previously here where I mentioned how at first it starts off fairly shiny but it then becomes matte yet doesn't feel drying on the lips. I bought mine for £1.49 at B&M instead of the link I listed so if you want it for the slightly cheaper price it's worth looking at the makeup section in store.

Fashionista on the left, Rimmel on the right

Another lipstick that I've previously posted about here and is a go-to colour of mine if I want a bright coral shade; I originally bought mine off the MUA website for £1.50, however, it now appears that they're out of stock and so I found it instead on the Superdrug website but at a more expensive price unfortunately. I would definitely recommend this lipstick and, coming in at a cheaper price than a Kate Moss lipstick, it's still a bargain buy. When I see this lipstick I imagine it paired with my polka dot blue and white shirt or a basic stripy dress/top to give a pop of colour.

The final lipstick and most famous out of all five lipsticks, one I've also mentioned before on my blog here, is this matte finish, corally orange shade. I feel like the majority of people own this shade and if you don't have it I'm sure you'll love it if you give it a swatch as it's such a unique shade that gives so much life to my face.

From left to right: L'Oréal 371, Maybelline Shocking Coral, W7 Powder Pink, Fashionista Coral, Rimmel 110

That's a round-up of all the lipsticks that come to my mind when I think of Spring, I'm sure there are a lot of other shades out there but I think it's nice to see a select few. What lipsticks are you going to be wearing for when it gets warmer and brighter? Do you own any of these lipsticks?