Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Makeup Revolution: Lipstick in Immoral* and Nail Polish in True Blue*

I'm sure over the past week or so you have seen hauls and product reviews cropping up left, right and centre featuring the new makeup brand Makeup Revolution and have squealed with joy, like myself, over the reports of there being a Naked 3 dupe. The company, who have already created a huge impact after only having launched in London during March this year, offer 300 products on their website, here, all while being incredibly affordable and cruelty free. Prices start at £1 (seriously, my bus fare is more than double this amount) and the most expensive price being a mere £12 for a 100 Piece Eyeshadow Palette or a collection of 12 nail varnishes currently on sale at the same price.

It was on one fine Tuesday afternoon that I was offered the opportunity to try out their blue lipstick in Immoral and, although I really wasn't sure what to expect, as the old tale goes: never pass up the chance to rock a blue lip. Or something vaguely along those lines I'm sure. I am a huge lover of lipstick and rarely feel self conscious regardless of what shade I'm wearing from pinks to oranges so thought how different could a blue lipstick really be?!

The lipstick is held in a basic, black plastic case with 'MAKEUP REVOLUTION' printed nicely on the side in gold writing with the shade being displayed at one end in see-through plastic. For me, packaging is necessary only to store the product inside and I feel that it will be enough to keep the lipstick safe and free from damage. Immoral has a definite hint of a vanilla scent which I really love as I can never resist giving my makeup a good little sniff before applying it (uh so weird).

Immoral is a light, baby blue colour and, I feel this is fairly obvious, but it's not the type of colour that you would pop on to go to the shop quickly and is instead one used to create a statement. I admire that Makeup Revolution have stepped away from the classic lip shade collection of a red, a nude and a pink as I'm only currently aware of Lime Crime doing unusual lipstick shades which cost around £13 so Makeup Revolution definitely provide a much better alternative for people on a budget.

The formula of this lipstick is quite sheer and feels a little like a lip balm on the lips as opposed to being stiff and drying like a lot of cheaper lipsticks tend to be. At first I did find it a little difficult to work with as I couldn't seem to get an even application all over my lips as when applying another layer it seemed to remove the first layer and make my lips appear patchy. It's worth mentioning that I do feel like this is a problem unique to the shade as I can imagine the sheer formula working really well with a more nude shade and one which isn't going to be such a contrast against the natural lip shade. After some trial and error I did find that lining my lips with a blue eyeliner first improved the look of the lipstick a lot as it gave the lipstick something to stick to and intensified the colour which made it more wearable as well as giving much needed definition.

I did originally think that this would be a really cool lipstick to wear on a night out (although I can imagine my friends recoiling in horror) and would make for a striking look but unfortunately I don't think I have the right sort of face for it (damn you genetics). I do truly believe that if you're the type of person who's quite edgy then Immoral would work for you and make people want to go out and buy the lipstick too, and I know for one I would be in awe of them. This shade would flatter someone with a darker skin tone as the contrast would look amazing and you'd be less likely to look washed out or even with a nice sun-kissed tan it would be a shade worth considering. As I'm doing a makeup course I'm planning on using this lipstick for fashion/editorial looks and so I'm certain I'm going to get a fair bit of use out of it. If you're on the fence I'd say to give it a go as it truly is only £1 you'll be losing out on if you decide blue lips aren't for you but you could definitely get creative with your makeup to compliment the blue.

Immoral applied alone (excuse my awfully moody lips)

Immoral applied with a blue lip liner

Makeup Revolution were also kind enough to send me a matching nail varnish in the shade True Blue, pretty great timing as it's all about matching lips and tips this season! I would say that the nail varnish and the lipstick are nearly if not exactly the same shade in person and this has been on my nails since it arrived in the post on Monday. The shade is a perfect powdery, summery blue and has lasted incredibly well so far especially considering the low £1 price tag; while at work on Monday I kept checking my nails over to see if there were any signs of chipping and didn't see any (ticks imaginary check box) and I'm now on day 3 of wearing the polish and the only chips are from me picking at them (bad habit). I applied 3 coats as application was a little streaky at first but this is an issue I find with a lot of different brands and is not something that would deter me from buying more shades from the range. If you're wanting to incorporate colour into your wardrobe for Spring and want to start with your nails but don't want to spend a fortune then Makeup Revolution would be a good place to start as you get a good quality product and not to mention the nicely rounded edges on the bottle.

From left to right: one coat of True Blue, two coats of True Blue, three coats of True Blue

Makeup Revolution is a brand to keep an eye on as their existing products already look amazing and seem to be innovative and up-to-date with current trends so it's going to be really exciting seeing what else they come up with. I've heard the brand will be available in Superdrug eventually which nearly sends me into excitement overload as I can swatch until my heart's content and walk away proudly with a bag full of beauties. Next pay day I feel like I'm going to have to purchase a few items online from Makeup Revolution as I can't help the fact that the Hot Smoked and Iconic 3 eyeshadow palettes are calling my name!

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution products yet or are you interested in doing so? What's your take on blue lips?

*Products sent for consideration of review


  1. we've never heard of Makeup Revolution before, we might have to look into it, especially if they do a naked 3 dupe!

    1. They're definitely a brand worth checking out! x

  2. Woah I wasn't even aware that blue lipsticks existed! But the pigmentation looks amazing, and I'll have to check out more products from Makeup Revolution!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Haha! Especially for only £1, it's crazy! :) x