Saturday 12 April 2014

Review: Veil Cover Cream*

When Thomas Blake Cosmetic Creams Ltd contacted me to see if I was interested in sampling their product Veil Cover Cream* I was so excited due to the big claims made as to what it can cover; ranging from temporary blemishes to permanent tattoos and many conditions in between, such as Vitiligo, Rosacea, age spots and various scars, the cover/camouflage product seems to be a lifesaver. The product is used widely within hospital settings in the dermatology area, within the professional beauty industry and also at home for personal, individual use which is a big step up from the likes of Revlon, Rimmel and MUA that I tend to gravitate towards. Imagine a doctor whipping out a Rita Ora inspired lip product.

With there being 40 shades available, ranging from extremely pale to very deep skin tones, I was wondering how on earth a near-enough matching shade would be sent to me, bearing in mind in my social media picture I may (definitely did) have fiddled around with settings. Cleverly though, when opening the envelope I saw I had been sent the Light/Medium Sample Kit which I was really pleased with as it includes 21 different shades meaning you're free to experiment and see what colours match your skintone and get a feel for a huge variety of shades. Along with all of these samples a mini pot of Translucent Finishing Powder was included too which is used to set the cream once applied. The kit is also available in Medium/Dark which is great if your skin is on the darker side and this is paired with the Dusk Finishing Powder so you're not washed out by the translucent I assume! 

The shade ranges are really great and, for those of you who constantly struggle with finding shades that are light enough I assure you that you would not encounter this problem with this kit. I compared several shades to my Revlon Colorstay foundation, which is in the shade Buff, as it is a perfect match for me when blended in and is on the fairer side of the scale yet many shades were, surprisingly, lighter.

From left to right: Natural-Light, Vanilla, Cream, Wheat, Revlon's Colorstay in Buff, Suede

As soon as the kit arrived I rifled through the shades and picked out Peach, a light beigey peach (no way) colour and applied some to my under eyes where I have a fair bit of blueness. I was really surprised to see that the smallest amount goes a huge way, I had read it in the leaflet that only a small amount was needed but a lot of companies make this claim so I was a bit unsure but with the Cover Cream the claim is correct due to the high amount of pigmentation. The shade blended in really well with my skin tone which did surprise me as, at a first glance, I did think it would only be able to be used as a corrector so it's great to see it can double up as a concealer.

I used this shade on my friend when I did her prom makeup trial who is a lot fairer than me and the colour, again, blended well into her skin and I was told the makeup still looked good when she took it off before bed so Veil obviously have created a very long-lasting product. The cream allowed my skin to still look natural and like skin but made it more even in tone and, even when set with the powder, it remained looking natural, didn't go cakey or appear powdery and still looked fresh at the end of the day.  When I use other concealers throughout the day it always looks like there's been a car crash under my eyes what with creasing, unevenness and smudging but with this Cover Cream I noticed very little.

Top picture: Peach unblended on my skin
Bottom left: before
Bottom right: after Peach has been applied

My mum has an age spot which really isn't that noticeable but she asked me to have a go at concealing it as she's found it's never been fully covered by other foundations and concealers. I chose to use the shade Almond on her as she is more olive toned than me and, again, patted it in and then set it with the powder. Although it doesn't look fully concealed in the image below in real life people don't come up and scrutinise your face as closely as I took the picture (well I hope not anyway) and so, in reality the coverage was really good and my mum was pleased with the outcome. Veil do say in their information booklet that it can take a few attempts to fully conceal a blemish or unwanted area as I suppose there is a technique to concealing correctly and so after a few more attempts I'm sure the coverage will be even better!

From left to right: before Veil's Cover Cream, after Veil's Coverage Cream (please ignore the difference in the colour from my phone's lighting haha)

Veil claim that their Cover Cream is waterproof and so, like the true Scientist that I clearly am not, I put it to the test. I used the shade Suntan, which is clearly a lot darker than my skin tone so it would show up in pictures better, and patted some onto the inner part of my arm followed with the finishing powder. I then ran some water from the tap over my arm for around 30 seconds and patted it dry, as instructed, rather than rubbing it. The picture of the tissue shows how little product came off when dabbing my arm completely dry, in fact such a small amount came off that it's difficult to tell what you're supposed to be looking at (I'm not a crazy tissue obsessive) but it is in the middle of the tissue. I was really impressed with the results and wasn't expecting it to last so well under the water and feel if you were covering something you wanted to remain hidden then this product would be really great as it takes foundation and concealer coverage to the next level.

I honestly just scrunched this tissue up in my hand when dabbing my arm dry and it turned out looking like a swan, them few origami after school lessons I took in middle school paid off, forget beauty, this is now a tissue origami blog

All in all, I have been loving these Cover Creams since I received them earlier in the week and if you have any areas that you want concealing I would recommend you purchasing the sample kit to get a feel for the products as for £6.50 you get a lot of product. The formula is lightweight, looks natural on the skin and doesn't go cakey so is incredibly easy to wear and one of those quick, time-saving products. I am definitely considering purchasing a full size of Peach (£19.50) if, when I eventually finish the sample, I am still as impressed as I am at the minute because it makes the concealing process so much easier as it really is a two step process: blend and set.

Have you ever tried Veil Cover Cream? How did you get on with it? If you would like to see a certain shade swatched on my skin or some paper tweet me at @lacelipstickme and I'll send you a picture, or you could send me an email if you'd prefer!

*Product sent for consideration of review

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