Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Liebster Blog Award #4

Cora from Corasphere nominated me for the Liebster award which is so nice and I'm really happy about so go and check out her great blog! I've done the award several times now which is so kind and I love answering the questions but can never think of any decent questions for people to answer but you can see my other posts I did here: 12 and 3.

Cora's questions for me:

1. Playsuits or jumpsuits?
I never wear either but I would choose a playsuit as I can imagine a jumpsuit looking absolutely terrible on me.

2. Favourite book or film that has inspired you in some way?
Ah I have no clue! I love loads of films and books but I can never think of any when I'm asked. Some books I love are Let's Get Lost by Sarra Manning, The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han, Sean Griswold's Head by Lindsey Leavitt and You Against Me by Jenny Downham. I wouldn't say they inspire me but they're the kind of books that when I'm not reading it I'm still thinking about it and want to read more. 

3. A lipstick you'd recommend your followers to buy?
If you can afford to spend £15 Mac's Impassioned is literally amazing and a colour that I think would suit anyone but from a more affordable range I would choose a lipstick from Beauty UK as I literally think they're incredible and so pigmented.

4. Favourite nail vanish brand?
I kind of just buy any nail varnish I like the look of but I have a Maybelline Super Stay one that is really good and doesn't chip easily.

5. Top 5 online clothes websites?
I rarely order from websites that are only online because it just annoys me when clothes don't fit and I have to return them so I always stick to ordering from websites that have a shop in real life. I mainly only order off New Look though but in real life I shop in Primark and H&M but the H&M website infuriates me.

6. Your life ambition or goal?
I don't know yet but I want to be doing something within the makeup industry whether that be a makeup artist or writing about makeup like I do now but on a larger scale.

7. Something in the world that you wish you could change?
I feel like I'll bring the mood down by giving a serious answer so I'll say I wish everyone would try a bright lipstick at least once as so many people I know say they don't suit them or they're too scared but if they tried it a few times it'd look so good!

8. Best drugstore product that you've ever bought?
Aaah this is so hard literally all I ever buy is drugstore. There are so many things that I couldn't be without (oh the drama) but I'll try and dwindle it down to the MUA Shimmer Highlighter, MUA Matte Eyeshadow Shade 19 for my eyebrows, Accessorize Blush/Bronzers and George at Asda Undereye Concealer.

9. What are you looking forward to in Autumn?
Literally everyone says this but I honestly love baggy jumpers and have so many that I love from charity shops. I also feel so at home wearing my big green coat and live and die in it when it's cold so I'm looking forward to wearing that everyday too.

10. Your favourite childhood holiday?
When I went to Scotland with my parents and other family friends. Or a cruise I went on was really good.

11. Why and when did you join Blogger?
I joined this year in July as it was something I'd wanted to do for a while and as I had a summer free from plans and school I thought it'd be good to start then. It's so much fun and I'm so glad I joined even when I want to kill everyone because it takes me a while to take a good picture of an item.

Thank you to Cora again :)


  1. I like the range of questions and answers are never less than surprise to me. Thanks for putting this stuff here.

  2. The question answers session indicates how interesting the interview would have been. I am sure you, cora and the audiance all have enjoyed this award show and your interview. You are incredible with the answers.

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