Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Liebster Blog Award #8

Barbs from 300 Days of England nominated me for a Liebster award and I thought it was so sweet that she didn't choose blogs with under 200 followers (she has rebellion flowing through her veins) but instead this is why she chose to nominate people: I believe not all these blogs have less than 200 followers but the main reason why I chose them is the writers. In fact these girls are kind and outgoing enough to actually read a post before commenting or to reply to comments which apparently is not a common thing among bloggers. So I feel like they deserve a genuine award.

I honestly think that is such a lovely thing to say it made me feel all happy inside haha, but I'll stop blabbing and get on with the questions Barbs gave us:

1. Pringles or Oreos?
Pringles! I'm not really a fan of Oreos, saying that I'm sure I'd eat them if they were put in front of me but I wouldn't go and buy some.

2. If you could travel back in time, when and where would you go?

Oh dear I have no clue, this is really generic but I do love the picture of the teenagers from the 50s on the beach, the fashion was so cool.

3. Which famous character (real or fictional) would you cook dinner for?

Again I have no clue haha! My mind always goes blank when I have to answer questions like this, such a let down.

4. ... And what would you prepare?
The only meal I can just about pull off is beans and toast so it would have to be that haha!

5. If you could change your hair colour for 24 hours, which colour would you pick?
Either lilac or a really white blonde because I've decided I want white blonde hair so it'd be good to trial it first.

6. Name something that brightens up your day.

Anything remotely funny that makes me laugh.

7. What is the furthest place from home you've been to?
I asked my mum and she told me Egypt, so Egypt it is.

8. What was your dream job when you were a kid?

I went through so many different phases when I was younger but the ones I remember most were a doctor and vet, good job I didn't pursue either because I am absolutely awful at science.

9. What song is your first pick for a karaoke night?

I reckon Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus would be fun, I would use my booming voice to replicate her voice. Not really haha.

10. Something you wish you were able to do?

I wish I was crafty and good at being creative, that's all I've ever wanted! Or I really wish I had a natural flare for modifying clothes but everything I've ever tried to change has resulted in unwearable pieces of clothing.

11. Do you remember the last handwritten letter you sent?

I do but I'm scared of saying it because it's embarrassing, and also technically it was never sent. Ah heck it was a letter to Matt Cardle when I went to London to try and meet him basically me expressing my love and asking him to follow me on twitter, I'm glad I didn't meet him because he would have been like '...what do I do with this?'

Thank you again to Barbs, these were really fun questions and make a nice change from blogging non-stop about beauty! Check out her blog as her posts are always varied and interesting!


  1. you're so sweet!! !! :) i'm so happy i made you smile

    but beans on toast noooo hahahaha what if it was some smexy actor D:

    1. Haha aw so are you! Hahah I'm sorry it honestly is the only thing I can make! That or pasta! x